10 Common Internship Interview Questions & how to answer them

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Securing an internship is a valuable way to gain work experience and enhance your resume. However, the interview process can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are not sure what to expect. In this blog post, we will discuss ten common internship interview questions and provide example answers to help you prepare and ace your interview.

Tell us about yourself.

This is a common opening question in many interviews, including internship interviews. It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself, and highlight your strengths. Your answer should be concise and relevant to the internship. Start by giving a brief personal introduction, and then highlight your academic achievements, internships, and any relevant experience. For example, “I am a recent graduate with a degree in marketing. I have completed several marketing internships and have experience in social media management and market research. I am excited about the opportunity to apply my skills and learn from experienced professionals in this internship.”

What are your strengths?

This question is designed to assess your self-awareness and confidence. When answering this question, focus on strengths that are relevant to the internship. Choose skills that demonstrate your ability to contribute to the company's goals. For example, “My strengths include strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well under pressure. I have demonstrated these strengths in my previous internships, where I was responsible for managing social media accounts and coordinating events.”

What are your weaknesses?

This question can be tricky, but it is essential to answer honestly. Avoid mentioning weaknesses that are critical to the internship. Instead, focus on areas where you are working to improve. For example, “I sometimes struggle with public speaking, but I have been taking steps to improve my confidence and presentation skills. I recently joined a public speaking club and have been practicing regularly.”

Why do you want this internship?

Employers want to know that you are genuinely interested in the internship and have researched the company. When answering this question, highlight specific aspects of the internship or company that appeal to you. Research the company and talk about how your skills align with their goals. For example, “I am impressed by the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation. As a sustainability studies major, I am excited about the opportunity to work on projects that align with my values and contribute to positive change.”

What relevant experience do you have?

This question is an opportunity to highlight relevant experience, including previous internships, coursework, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities. Choose experiences that demonstrate the skills required for the internship. For example, “I have completed several marketing internships, where I was responsible for managing social media accounts, conducting market research, and coordinating events. In addition, I have taken several marketing courses and am familiar with industry-standard tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite.”

How do you handle challenges?

Employers want to know that you can handle difficult situations and work well under pressure. When answering this question, provide a specific example of a challenge you faced and how you overcame it. Choose a challenge that demonstrates your problem-solving skills. For example, “During my last internship, we faced a tight deadline for a major event. I took the initiative to delegate tasks, streamline our workflow, and communicate regularly with team members. We were able to meet the deadline successfully.”

What are your career goals?

Employers want to know that you have a clear idea of your career path and how the internship fits into your goals. When answering this question, be honest and specific. Talk about how the internship will help you acquire skills that will take you closer to achieving your career goals. For example, “My long-term career goal is to become a marketing manager in the tech industry. This internship will provide me with valuable experience in digital marketing and data analysis, which are essential skills for this career path.”

Why should we hire you?

This is an opportunity to summarize your strengths and highlight what sets you apart from other candidates. Talk about how your skills, experience, and personality align with the company's goals. For example, “I believe that my strong communication skills, attention to detail, and relevant experience make me an ideal candidate for this internship. I am a quick learner and am eager to contribute to the team and learn from experienced professionals.”

What questions do you have for us?

This is the time to ask any questions you have about the company or the internship. Avoid asking questions that could easily be answered by researching the company. Instead, ask questions that show that you have researched the company and are interested in the internship. For example, “Could you tell me more about the company culture and what it's like to work here? What kind of projects will I be working on as an intern?”


Preparing for an internship interview can be nerve-wracking, but by practicing common interview questions and preparing thoughtful answers, you can increase your chances of landing the internship. Remember to be honest, concise, and specific in your answers and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the internship and the company. Use the examples provided to help you structure your answers, and practice answering the questions to build your confidence. Good luck!

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