Tips for Getting Started on Your First Resume: A Comprehensive Guide

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards your career! Creating your first resume can be a daunting task, especially when you have no prior work experience. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your first resume and provide some tips to help you stand out from the crowd.


  • Keep your resume simple, clear, and concise.

  • Use a professional format and font.

  • Highlight your relevant skills and achievements.

  • Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for.

  • Proofread your resume carefully.

Keep it Simple, Clear, and Concise

Your resume should be easy to read and understand. Keep it simple and clear with a professional format and font. Use bullet points to organize your information and make it easier for the employer to scan. Avoid using complex language or industry jargon that may confuse the reader. Your resume should be concise and no longer than two pages.

Good Examples of Resume Bullet Points

  • Led a team of 5 volunteers to organize a successful charity event, raising over $10,000 for a local non-profit organization.

    • This bullet point shows leadership, teamwork, and event planning skills, as well as a commitment to community service.

  • Developed and implemented a social media marketing campaign that increased website traffic by 30% in 3 months.

    • This bullet point shows creativity, marketing skills, and the ability to analyze data and measure results.

  • Conducted research and analysis on market trends, resulting in a comprehensive report used by the company to make strategic business decisions.

    • This bullet point shows research and analysis skills, as well as the ability to provide value to the company through strategic thinking.

  • Assisted in the development and launch of a new product line, resulting in a 25% increase in sales revenue.

    • This bullet point shows project management skills, as well as the ability to contribute to the success of the company.

These bullet points are good because they are specific, measurable, and relevant to the job requirements. They also highlight the candidate’s achievements and demonstrate their value to the company. When writing your own bullet points, make sure to focus on your accomplishments rather than just listing your responsibilities. Use action verbs to describe what you did and quantify your results whenever possible. This will make your resume stand out and show the employer why you are the best candidate for the job.

Highlight Your Relevant Skills and Achievements

Even if you don’t have any work experience, you still have valuable skills that can make you stand out. It is important to showcase all of your strengths and accomplishments, even those that may not be directly related to the job.

You can start by focusing on your academic achievements - highlight any challenging courses you have taken and mention your grades if they are impressive. Talk about your extracurricular activities and any leadership roles you may have had in student organizations - this will demonstrate your ability to take initiative and work collaboratively with others. Additionally, volunteer work is a great way to show your commitment to your community and your willingness to help others.

Make sure to mention any internships or part-time jobs you have had, even if they were not in the same field as the job you are applying for - this will show that you have experience in a professional setting and can adapt to new environments. Finally, highlight any of your relevant skills that match the job requirements, such as communication, problem-solving, or technical skills. By presenting a well-rounded picture of yourself, you will be able to make a strong impression on potential employers.

Examples of Good Skills and Achievements

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

  • Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

  • Strong communication skills, demonstrated through public speaking and writing for a student newspaper.

  • Experience with data analysis and visualization tools, including Tableau and R.

  • Fluent in Spanish, with experience studying abroad in Spain and volunteering with a local Spanish-speaking community organization.

  • Accomplished pianist with 10 years of experience performing in various venues, including local concerts and competitions.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills through organizing and leading a community service project that raised over $5,000 for a local charity.

  • Published research paper in a peer-reviewed academic journal on the topic of sustainable agriculture.

  • Completed a summer internship with a marketing firm, working on social media campaigns and market research projects.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job You Are Applying For

It’s important to customize your resume for each job you apply for. Read the job description carefully and tailor your resume to match the job requirements. Use keywords from the job listing to highlight your relevant skills and experiences. This will show the employer that you are a good fit for the job and increase your chances of getting an interview.

Proofread Your Resume Carefully

Spelling and grammar errors can make a bad first impression on the employer. Proofread your resume carefully and ask someone else to review it as well. Use spell-check and grammar-check tools to catch any errors you may have missed. Make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date so the employer can reach you easily.


Creating your first resume can be a daunting task, but with these tips, you can create a strong and professional resume that will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember to keep it simple, clear, and concise, highlight your relevant skills and achievements, tailor it to the job you are applying for, and proofread it carefully. Good luck on your job search!

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